Taobaoring Order Review


Made an order with taobaoring for the third time. Here’s the breakdown. To see larger photos, click the thumbnails.

2/22/13 – Made order. First payment sent and paid for same day.
3/25/13 – Second payment email sent and paid for (big time gap because the Alpaca wig was a preorder, see below).
3/26/13 – Package sent.
4/12/13 – Package arrived.

Random info
Package weight: 3250 g
Shipped via SAL.
Cost of international shipping: 291.69 RMB

The order went smoothly. No problems with communication. I was one of the few in this time period after CNY that had no problems with the order minus the long wait for the Alpaca wig preorder. I emailed them to ask the shop about it (2/19/13) and they said (2/20/13) the wig was not shipped out and they will contact the shop immediately and email if any problems arise. A few days later the link to the wig updated to non-preorder status and the wig arrived at their warehouse.

Packaging was fine. There was bubble wrap on the bottom of the package. Everything was wrapped so things wouldn’t get dirty (shoes put in bags, all the socks were in one bag, etc). One shoe box was kept (usually they are discarded to save space) to keep one pair of shoes inside and the small crap from my order.

Pictures tbr took of my order:

Review of shoes:
Green boots

Comments: The suede material can definitely get linty as seen on some of these pics so they will need a lint brush on occasion. There’s a very slight wedge on the heel. The tongue has two holes in case you want to put your shoe laces on there. They are fairly warm inside and comfortable to walk in. Feels very sturdy and well made. Would recommend.

Brown heeled shoes

Comments: The white decoration is poorly sewn on in my opinion. There’s a cushion in the heel part. The rubber bottom feels grippy enough. The shoe itself seems sturdy enough to withstand a good amount of stress.

Mint heeled shoes

Comments: There is a cushion in the heel part. The marble print is nice. The suede fabric seems okay but probably will scuff if it accidentally gets scraped on something. It is fairly comfortable when I wore them out today though I will probably add a cushion near the toes since there isn’t any. The bows are ghetto-ly glued on (can sorta see it in some of these pics). Otherwise, I love these; they’re cute.

Review of everything else:
General review of socks:
Plain ruffle on top: Link
Ruffle + dots: Link
Lace + flowers: Link
Bow + line on top: Link
Fluffy white on top: Link

Comments: Apologies for cankle status and really-badly-shaved legs. The socks were fine. I’m a Chinese shoe size 39 and they all fit fine without being too tight. Some of the socks were not that thick (the fluffy white top ones) but overall most of them are decently thick. The lace + flower one had some loose threads.

Cookie pillow

Comments: The pillow is fluffy. The sewing is kind of derpy; the wording is a bit crooked. You can see where each letter is embroidered together at once since they are connected by a line.

Brown wig

Comments: Hah this is a Lucaille wig (based off the tag). The lighting in these photos make it appear lighter than it actually is. Silk feeling. Very nice. Not too thick but definitely not on the thin side.

Hair accessories
Polka dotted headband: Link
Red hair bow: Link

Comments: Polka dotted headbands are fine. The “ears” are bendable and have wire to keep the shape you want them in. The red hair bow is fine. The stretchy strings seem very flexible for larger heads if needed.

Dust plug bow

Comments: Fits well and isn’t loose in the headphone jack of my phone. Also in the pic is a free ring I got from one of the stores I ordered from but I’m not sure which one it is from.


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